System Requirement Comment
Laptop Windows 10 and at least 4 Gig Ram
Barcode Scanner We recommend scanners that uses CCD technology to scan bar code tags directly from a cell phone. Get It Here.
Router To creat a Local Area Network if multiple computer installation required
Microsoft Office Optional


Instruction Example
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First, downloading Advent installation file (Advent.msi). Open Advent.msi by double clicking and follow the instruction.  
Note the Advent icon
You will be required at this point to enter a server name. Localhost, which is entered by default, refers to the current computer. If the database was installed on another computer. then you would be required to enter that computer's name.

Click OK to continue.
Please wait the system is being initialized.
If "Application has expired" appears click OK to request/renew your license(Orange button top of the screen that follows) . If not the installation is successful and you ready to use Advent.

Advent is now installed and configured. If your computer remained online during the installation process Advent will be ready to use with a valid license.
Getting Started Now that you have installed Advent click here and learn to setup the application for your first Evangelistic Event


Cost (CAD)/Monthly Term Cost Each Addition Computer Installation (CAD)/Monthly
8.25 1 year 4.75
7.25 3 year 3.75
6.50 5 years 2.75