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Who is in the audience at my evangelistic series? Can I easily distinguish between visitors and members? Suppose I want to isolate a visitor to give a gift, question-markhow can I know if the person is presently in the audience or even a visitor? Can I know the dates attended by my visitors and which sermon they heard? Which night do I have the best or worst attendance? If I have a nightly quiz how do I tabulate the scores and give gifts accordingly? Can I invite individuals to another meeting by sending an invitation letter or email? How can I trace decisions made by attendees? Do I know who my baptismal candidates are? Can I assigned a Bible-worker to contact persons of interest and is there a way to know if they were contacted? The children have a separate program how I can securely check them in and out? How did your attendees knew about the evangelistic meeting? Design Specifically for evangelism, Advent Event Management system answer these questions and much more. It covers your event from the planning stage to post event activities.

Before Event During Event After Event
Create Committees (Prayer,Security....) Register Attendees Contact and follow up with attendees baptized at the event and potential baptismal candidates for future events
Generate invitation letters and email Assign Bibleworker to persons on interest and record contacts Generate various reports
Generate invitation letters and email Assign Bibleworker to persons on interest and record contacts Generate various reports
Generate Registration, Quiz, Contact, Decision Cards and Barcode tags Generate report of visitors presently in the audience.  
Preregister Attendees    
Your event can be kept on any day of the week each day can have multiple session each session multiple slots to which a participant can be assigned.
Over 35 reports and charts. Most are date driven and categorized as show below.
Report Categories
Event Session Reports
Baptismal Reports
Attendee Reports
Contact Reports
Quiz Reports
Miscellaneous Reports
Each can be exported to Excel, saved as PDF, exported to LibreOffice ,Print to default printer or emailed directly from Advent.
System Requirement Comment
Laptop Windows 10 and at least 4 Gig Ram
Router To create a Local Area Network if multiple computer installation required
Microsoft Office Optional
Router To create a Local Area Network if multiple computer installation required
Cost (CAD)/Monthly Term Cost Each Addition Computer Installation (CAD)/Monthly
8.25 1 year 4.75
7.25 3 year 3.75
6.50 5 years 2.75

Attendee Registration

On the first day each attendee is presented with a registration card.regCard When completed the card is returned to an assigned individual who takes a barcode tag from the stock and writes the number on the registration card. The tag is then handed to the attendee.

He or she is required to take it daily to the event where it will be scanned for attendance . The content of the registration card is entered into the system and the barcode is email to the attendee if their email address is valid. Barcode can also be scanned directly from a phone

Registration Card Registration Form

Attendance Marking

Attendance is marked when the bar code tag is scanned. Instances where the bar code tag is not available a name, telephone or email address search may be done to find the attendee record. A search on the bar code tag may also be done ,”assuming the attendee knows the bar code number”. Missing bar code tags are easily replaced if the attendee has a valid email address to which it may be emailed. with the appropriate bar code scanner tags may be scanned directly from a cell phone.

Children Security Management

A separate program may be provided for children at your evangelistic series resulting in they being separated from there guardian. childrenAdvent implements a system that provides an association between child and parent while they are separated. This implementation is achieved by linking the child’s bar code tag the parent. The procedure is as follows:

The guardian tag is scanned bringing up the parent information. The child tag is then scanned linking the two. at this point a comments about the child may be entered. For example, the child may be wearing a medical bracelet. The child is now “Checked In”

When checking out a child , the guardian’s tag is scanned and information displayed. The child’s bar code tag is then scanned and the child is now considered to be checked out. The system notes the date and time a child is checked in and out and by whom.

Committees, Schedules and Meetings

Advent not only manages activities during your evangelistic event but before and after. Planning for your event involves committee formation which Advent proudly facilitates. These committees, their members and the purpose for which they were formed may be added to the system. Additionally, schedules may be generated specifying the days on which members are assigned tasks.

Assign Bible-Worker to Persons of Interest

An attendee who specify that he or she wants to be contacted may be assigned a bible-worker within the system, whose responsibilities include making contact with the attendee, pray for them,answer question he or she has, gauge interest and make recommendation to the team.

Two businessmen shaking hands

Provided by the system also, is a contact form which the bible-worker is required to complete when a person of interest is contacted.

This forms captures the date and time of the contact, the person contacted and by whom, the method of contact (Email, Telephone ,Visit, Social Media) and a feedback comment gauging the person’s interest. This information is stored as part of the attendee record, as of such future contact with this individual will not be considered “cold” but informed.

Records Attendee’s Decisions

Your attendee completes a decision card if he or she wishes to be contacted, prayed for or wants to be baptized. As such, any decision pre-entered in the system will be placed in one or more of these categories (To be contacted, To be prayed for, A baptismal candidate).

Decisions A completed decision card entered in the system updates the attendee record thereby, empowering your team with knowledge of services required by the attendee.

The system also provides the flexibility for you to enter all the decision for the series and later choose which decision to be displayed on the decision card.

Tabulating Quiz Scores

Having a daily quiz is a strong incentive to encourage people to attend your series. Advent will tabulate the quiz scores and generate reports.quiz These reports are date driven that is, a specific period can be isolated and the person or persons having the maximum score may receives a price. Reports can also be generated for those consistently getting all the question correct for a specified period of time.

These true and false question may also indicate the level of understanding of previous sermons by your congregation. Quiz cards generated by the system also provides an opportunity for attendees to make simple decision for example “I have a question, I desire pray, I want to be visited”. Daily quiz also serves as a means by which contact information may also be collected.

Creates and Scans Barcode Tags

A bar code tags uniquely identifies each attendee at your event. They may be generated from the system in bulk, 30 per page, or printed individually. A cost effective method is to do a bulk generation, laminate each page and cut to separatescanning barcode the bar codes tags.

At registration, individuals with a valid email address will have their bar code emailed. Each church is required to purchase at least one bar code scanner as scanning attendee bar code is the most effective way of recording attendance. We recommend scanners that uses CCD technology to scan bar code tags directly from a cell phone.

Generate Letters and Emails

Contact information for persons who attended previous events will be available for currentEmail-Letters and future events. Consequently, Advent supports the generation of mass letters and emails personalized for the recipient. Thereby, facilitating sending of invitations to individuals who attended previous events, inviting them to your current or future events. You may also express your gratitude to these individuals using emails and letters from the system. Persons with a valid email address may also be asked to update and or verify their current contact information. Address labels are also generate with each letter.

Over 35 Date Driven Reports and Charts

Advent generates over 35 date driven reports categorized as listed below:
Report Categories
Event Session Reports
Baptismal Reports
Attendee Reports
Contact Reports
Quiz Reports
Miscellaneous Reports
Each can be exported to Excel, saved as PDF, exported to LibreOffice ,Printed to your default printer or emailed directly from Advent.