Encouraged by friends, family members and pastors, Carl started Gelical to be the main distributor of Advent Evangelistic Series Management System.

This Software grew out of a project that commenced in the spring of 2006 when he was asked to create and Excel application that tracks the attendance of persons at an evangelistic meeting kept at his local church in Brampton, Ontario.

As a passionate programmer who loves the Lord he kept the project going until today it’s a full blown application that manages activities before, during and after an evangelistic event.

Over the years many ideas for the application emerged from its use in various churches in Ontario Canada as users and preachers offer the opinions. Today though fully functional, Advent Evangelistic Series Management System continues to grow with new ideas as they emerge.

Our target audience is churches that place a strong emphasis on evangelism and building the kingdom of God.

We consider ourselves privileged to be involve in the work of winning souls for the Master.